Friday, March 9, 2012

The world will know peace

I made this! Yay for being creative during a study break :)

I saw this quote and I loved it! I will admit that I do not know much of Jimi Hendrix's music and that I'm not a crazed fan, but I'm a fan now.

This quote is so true! In a time when I'm learning the difficulties of being in the media and in politics, this quote could not relate any better. People love power- it's as simple as that. But if people let love be the main force of power, then things would get done. 

Imagine if every politician didn't care about reelection and reputations- what if they only cared about what was best for their constituency? Our government would be wonderful. 

Imagine if every journalist didn't obsess over being the best, getting the best story, and doing whatever if took to get information. Media would be well-liked because there wouldn't be journalists presenting biased information and jumping down everyone's throats. 

I know the world wouldn't be perfect if everyone gave up the love of power. But I do think it would be quite an improvement from where we are now. And wouldn't that be nice?

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