Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Countdown= 9 days of class

So far, so good. Classes haven't been too difficult and I seem to making it through. But each passing hour just makes me want to go home!

I honestly can't wait to see my family, relax, and NOT THINK ABOUT WORK. 

Sometimes I feel like I just have so much going on that I am constantly thinking about what I should be doing or what I need to do when I get done with meetings and classes. Everyone needs to have some me time during the day- but college students don't always have the opportunity to do that. 

I wish we could make a universal do nothing time during the day. Like for one hour, you can't do work or homework. You have to do something that you consider relaxing. The only problem is, would everyone take advantage of it? Or would people still use it as time to get ahead of others. I guess we will never know...

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