Saturday, March 3, 2012


Last night, I went with two of my friends to see Rent at Casa Mañana theater. They have these student preview nights, which are just dress rehearsals for the cast, and students only have to pay $10 instead of the normal $45 or more tickets!

Rent is such a long play, but absolutely amazing! I love that it's all singing- that's how all musicals should be :)

I had only seen half of the movie before and that was a LOOOONG time ago, so I wasn't sure how the entire play went. It was intense and emotional though, which was to be expected.

The whole time I wanted to sing along to the songs I knew. And go up on the stage and dance with the actors. It looked like fun! They all had great voices and could dance like nobody's business.

Also, I have a mini crush on the lead character, Mark. I could pick his voice out when they were all singing at once because he had such a unique tone. And he just seems like a goofy, down-to-earth guy. Don't judge me haha. He's played this role 3 different times and he definitely has it down!

So goal for today after work? Get all of the songs. Learn the words to all of them. Sing Rent songs for weeks on end until I annoy everyone. Good plan? I say yes.

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