Friday, March 9, 2012


Thank goodness it's Friday! Except not really... I have so much to do this weekend that it's not even funny. But I'm going to work my way through it and stay positive. One week from tomorrow I will be sitting at home in beautiful Arizona, with nothing work or school related on my mind. Pure bliss.

Countdown= 6 more days of class including today.

And here is some motivation! I know that I normally do Monday Motivation, but I think some last weekend before spring break motivation is needed too, right?

If you haven't checked out Hello Giggles- do it! I follow them on Twitter and basically, I want to be a part of their team so badly. They post a bunch of stuff every day that any and every girl can relate to. Heck, even some guys can probably relate to this stuff.

This morning, they had this on their site.

Such a motivational song. There are always good things and bad things to focus on, but we always seem to focus on the bad things.

Have a beautiful day y'all :)

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