Sunday, March 11, 2012

Don't let book lovers roam

Oh my goodness. Let me loose in a bookstore and I guarantee I will find a million books that I want to buy. It's dangerous to bring me anywhere. 

But today I took a quick trip to Barnes and Noble on campus to buy a book for my flight this weekend! Now for a short break to announce...

Countdown= 5 more days of class!

Now that that's over with. I found an awesome books... well let's me honest, I found lots of awesome books... but one particularly awesome one!

It's Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants! Grown up! My sister and I loved these books, so when I saw this for only $12, it was a must buy. 

This is going to be my motivation for this week. Make it through the next 5 days= get to read this book at the airport while waiting for my flight back home! 

Also, I bought gum too. One pack for this week, one pack for the airport. I love gum!

Successful trip? I would say so! 

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