Friday, August 31, 2012

You can't go to Georgetown without cupcakes.

Welcome to Washington DC! We went to Georgetown when my dad was here, but to get there, we took the metro into Virginia and walked over the bridge back into DC. Please don't judge my touristy look in the photos haha. 

It was a beautiful view and as you're walking over the bridge, you can see Georgetown (the school). It looks like a castle! 

Do you see what that is? Here, I'll show you a better picture. 

Toffee Crunch. We each got a cupcake and I had an iced chai with mine. Perfection! Also, they were filming something while we were there! I don't think it was the regular show because Katherine and Sophie weren't there, but we were on camera. So look out for any show with Georgetown Cupcakes in it :)

We stopped by their workshop down the street too, but they weren't there either. I'll have to meet them another time!

Here is Georgetown! I thought TCU had amazing buildings and architecture, but I loved the historical feel of the buildings on Georgetown's campus. It was fun walking around Georgetown that day- it has a different feel than the city. 

Have you ever been to Georgetown Cupcakes? Or any other famous cupcake store (ex. Crumbs, Sprinkles)?
What is your favorite cupcake flavor?
-Red velvet with cream cheese frosting is mine!
Do you have a favorite college campus? 

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Time to socialize.

Today was the first day of orientation! Tomorrow we have another day and then the whole weekend to do whatever we want- I'm looking forward to a long weekend to explore!

We had class this morning from 9 to 12. It was not anything exciting, just going over what we will  need to do this semester. Unfortunately, the air in our classroom was broken, so it was extremely hot! I hope it gets fixed soon because everyone was having a hard time paying attention when we were thinking about how hot it was.

For lunch, I walked with a few friends to Union Station. I went to Roti, which is a Mediterranean Grill, with a set up similar to Chipotle, where you just move through the line quickly while telling them what you want on your sandwich or salad. I had an awesome sandwich with chicken roti and feta on a pita. Yum!

I need to get better about taking pictures everywhere I go for the blog, I will work on that!

After lunch, we went to the Newseum. I went last week with my other class, but it was nice to go again. There are 6 floors and so much to see! I honestly forgot to take pictures because I was too busy looking at everything.

The Newseum is the most interactive museum in DC, so there are touch screens with games and things to click on everywhere. There's an area that you can film yourself pretending to be a reporter on TV.

And of course all of the exhibits are amazing. I love the Political Campaign exhibit, with things from SNL and the comedy shows. Tina Fey's Sarah Palin outfit (from the video below) is there! And the 9/11 exhibit always gets to me.

After getting back to the apartment, I made my first dinner alone! Chicken and pasta on a salad- it was awesome and I'm excited to learn to cook for myself.

There was an ice cream social in the apartment building tonight- basically just little tables set up all around the building with different ice cream flavors. It was a great way to meet other people and get free dessert :) I made a few new friends, so it'll be nice to get to know more people here!

What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
-I don't have one favorite, but it usually switches between something with peanut butter and cookie dough.
What is your favorite museum?
Have you ever been to a Mediterranean restaurant? 

Time to move again!

Yesterday was moving day, which makes my total of moves in the past month equal 3. Yes, 3. After leaving Arizona, staying in a hotel for a week, and staying in an apartment in Alexandria for a week and half, now I'm in the apartment that I will stay in for the rest of the semester!

At 9 a.m., a van came to pick us up. It was more like a mini bus, but apparently the driver wasn't warned about how much stuff we had. He was not at all happy about the fact that over half of the van was filled with our stuff- it was packed!

Anyways, we made it to our new apartment safe and sound. I checked in and we managed to get a mini bus full of stuff into our apartments. As of now, I still have no roommates. I hope they show up soon!

We walked to Union Station to eat lunch and then walked to Harris Teeter (a grocery store near here) to stock up. I never realized how many things you need to keep a kitchen stocked with just the basics!

Also, since I am addicted to baking, I had to buy flour, oil, baking soda, etc. Let's just say my bags were very heavy to carry back to the apartment. Luckily it was only about a quarter of a mile.

I've met some really nice people so far, just in the elevator and around the building. Here's to hoping this is a good sign for the rest of the semester!

I have orientation for the next 2 days. Also, I'm starting up a countdown until my internship starts! I can't wait :) Hope y'all have a great day!

Countdown= 5 days until my internship

Do you like baking/cooking? What's your favorite recipe?
Have you ever had an internship? Where?

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

How quickly can we go through all of these museums?

We arrived to DC on a Saturday night and it was interesting, to say the least. After managing to get 4 heavy suitcases and 4 carry-on bags to our hotel, we decided to walk around the town we were staying in.

We stayed in Old Town Alexandria. To let you know how adorable it is, they have uneven brick sidewalks, little hole-in-the-wall shops and restaurants, and the main road leads you right to the waterfront. 


We walked the 14 blocks to the waterfront and had dinner at The Fish Market. But by the time we had walked to the waterfront and finished dinner, it was pouring out. That was my first experience of being caught in the rain here without an umbrella. Don't worry, it's happened a couple more times since then. 

The next day we completed A LOT. Stop 1= The Air and Space Museum

It was awesome (and free!), so I will definitely be going back to explore again. Stop 2= Hirshhorn Museum

This exhibit is not finished, but it is really amazing! There are great quotes on the wall everywhere, like this one: "Give your brain as much attention as you do your hair and you'll be a thousand times better off."

The other exhibits did not go as well for us. I don't think we are cultured enough to understand art because we laughed at some art pieces that didn't make sense to us. 

For example, this was a bunch of blue strings hanging from the ceiling that you walk through. It was cool, but I'm not sure what the meaning is. And there was a room painted white that had colored lights. The best was one that looked like a bunch of random colored shapes titled "Landscape with Poodle", AKA my poodle, Zachary. 

We also went to the Smithsonian Castle. Unfortunately, you couldn't explore the castle that day- I'm going to have to find out when I can look around it more!

We did a lot of walking that first day and saw a bunch of places, so it was a great first day in DC! 

Do you like to walk through museums quickly to see everything (like I do) or take your time?
Are you someone who understands art/ enjoys going to art museums?
What is one of your favorite quotes?

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Welcome to the bubble!

Hello all! As you probably know, I am once again extremely sorry for taking so long to post. I have been crazy busy since arriving in DC! But I am starting up the blog again, to post my experiences as an intern in this amazing city.


I arrived in DC on August 11th with my Dad. We spent a week having a wonderful daddy-daughter vacation exploring the city.

On August 18th, my classmates from TCU's Schieffer School of Journalism arrived and the next day, we went to Face the Nation.

The past week and a half have been spent going to different organizations in DC and meeting talented/successful people. Sneak peek--- we went to places such as Politico, Pew Research Center, US Chamber of Commerce, and more!

Today was my last day of class and tomorrow I will be moving into the city- I have been living in Alexandria since I got here. It is the cutest city ever, but I'm excited to get to the city and start my internship.

Considering I have been the worst blogger ever, I will post about my 3 weeks here in separate posts along the next couple of weeks. Hopefully I will catch up soon and then be able to post about my adventures here.

Please don't hold it against me that I haven't posted in a while- I hope y'all will stick with me this semester! :)

Have you ever been to Washington DC? If so, what were your favorite touristy things to do?
Are y'all excited for a new semester and fall? 
Do you like living in a city or in the suburbs more?