Thursday, August 30, 2012

Time to socialize.

Today was the first day of orientation! Tomorrow we have another day and then the whole weekend to do whatever we want- I'm looking forward to a long weekend to explore!

We had class this morning from 9 to 12. It was not anything exciting, just going over what we will  need to do this semester. Unfortunately, the air in our classroom was broken, so it was extremely hot! I hope it gets fixed soon because everyone was having a hard time paying attention when we were thinking about how hot it was.

For lunch, I walked with a few friends to Union Station. I went to Roti, which is a Mediterranean Grill, with a set up similar to Chipotle, where you just move through the line quickly while telling them what you want on your sandwich or salad. I had an awesome sandwich with chicken roti and feta on a pita. Yum!

I need to get better about taking pictures everywhere I go for the blog, I will work on that!

After lunch, we went to the Newseum. I went last week with my other class, but it was nice to go again. There are 6 floors and so much to see! I honestly forgot to take pictures because I was too busy looking at everything.

The Newseum is the most interactive museum in DC, so there are touch screens with games and things to click on everywhere. There's an area that you can film yourself pretending to be a reporter on TV.

And of course all of the exhibits are amazing. I love the Political Campaign exhibit, with things from SNL and the comedy shows. Tina Fey's Sarah Palin outfit (from the video below) is there! And the 9/11 exhibit always gets to me.

After getting back to the apartment, I made my first dinner alone! Chicken and pasta on a salad- it was awesome and I'm excited to learn to cook for myself.

There was an ice cream social in the apartment building tonight- basically just little tables set up all around the building with different ice cream flavors. It was a great way to meet other people and get free dessert :) I made a few new friends, so it'll be nice to get to know more people here!

What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
-I don't have one favorite, but it usually switches between something with peanut butter and cookie dough.
What is your favorite museum?
Have you ever been to a Mediterranean restaurant? 

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