Friday, August 31, 2012

You can't go to Georgetown without cupcakes.

Welcome to Washington DC! We went to Georgetown when my dad was here, but to get there, we took the metro into Virginia and walked over the bridge back into DC. Please don't judge my touristy look in the photos haha. 

It was a beautiful view and as you're walking over the bridge, you can see Georgetown (the school). It looks like a castle! 

Do you see what that is? Here, I'll show you a better picture. 

Toffee Crunch. We each got a cupcake and I had an iced chai with mine. Perfection! Also, they were filming something while we were there! I don't think it was the regular show because Katherine and Sophie weren't there, but we were on camera. So look out for any show with Georgetown Cupcakes in it :)

We stopped by their workshop down the street too, but they weren't there either. I'll have to meet them another time!

Here is Georgetown! I thought TCU had amazing buildings and architecture, but I loved the historical feel of the buildings on Georgetown's campus. It was fun walking around Georgetown that day- it has a different feel than the city. 

Have you ever been to Georgetown Cupcakes? Or any other famous cupcake store (ex. Crumbs, Sprinkles)?
What is your favorite cupcake flavor?
-Red velvet with cream cheese frosting is mine!
Do you have a favorite college campus? 


  1. Other readers of the blog, DON'T let your kids take you to Georgetown Cupcakes. I believe they are $3.00/cupcake. One trip I had to wait in line an hour to buy a dozen for $36.00. But, they are DELICIOIUS.

    1. I've actually heard from a few people that there are better cupcake shops in town, so I'll have to try them out to compare :p

  2. @ Robert - I think your girl's cupcakes could rival GT Cupcakes or any other! I'm sure it was fun going there since it has become popular with it being a TLC show. No, I haven't been to a "famous" cupcake store. My favorite cupcake would involve anything with chocolate & cream cheese :) TCU is a great campus but if anyone has been down in the Cedar Park/Austin area - Concordia's new campus is beautiful. Formally an international company's land/buildings - now a college campus surrounded by lush landscape. I think it's pretty unique for a college setting. ~ Aunt Denise

    1. You can never go wrong with cream cheese frosting! I've never been to Concordia, but I've seen pictures and it does look amazing.