Saturday, September 1, 2012

Before and After

Apartment before:

My room- my bed is right next to a huge window that takes up almost the entire wall. 

View from my window of a new apartment building across the street. 

Living area. And wood floors all through the living area and my room!

Table and kitchen.

My kitchen- it came with some stuff that I can use to cook, but I'll need to buy more for all the cooking/baking I like to do! There are no cookie sheets or oven mitts :(


My room looks pretty much the same after- except that my bed is made now. 

My closet is organized though! It's weird that the shelf is so low because my clothes hit the floor, so I might have to figure out how to fix that. 

The rest of the apartment still looks exactly the same. I have no roommates yet :( I don't know where they all are, but it's ok because I haven't spent a lot of time in my room anyways. I'm trying to spend as much time as possible exploring and hanging out with friends. It's been great so far!

What was your first apartment like?


  1. Well your first apartment is nicer than what your mother and I had in Long Beach, California. Your kitchen looks much bigger. And your floors are great.

    1. I know! I like the floors, but unfortunately, the other bedroom in my apartment still has half carpet and half wood- they have to finish the floors soon.

  2. Must be nice to be a rich kid in DC.