Sunday, September 2, 2012

Part 2!

Yesterday was a full day! I woke up early to run, but unfortunately, it looked like it was going to rain. So I took my workout inside and ran into a friend at the fitness center- perfect timing!

Then I spent the rest of the day spending time with friends. We went to the Nationals baseball game! After their amazing win on Friday night against the Cardinals, we thought that it would be fun to see how they did. 

All of the presidents are their mascots! Everyone was trying to get pictures and since this was right next to the free shirt table, it was crazy. They also had a race and a dance during the game which was very funny. 

We bought tickets on Stubhub about an hour before the game and got awesome seats for only $12! 

It was extremely hot out, but luckily our seats were in the shade after the first inning. I didn't have any Nationals stuff to wear, but now I have a free shirt and a hat- they were only $5 after the game! 

They ended up losing, but at least it was a high scoring game! It was 10-9. But since tickets were cheap on Stubhub and are only $5 at the gate for terrace seats, I'm sure I'll go again! 

Today has been pretty relaxed so far. I woke up to a text from my neighbor, who made me and a few other girls in the hall breakfast!  We are going to make Sunday morning breakfasts a tradition, it was nice to cook together! 

Other than that, I've just done homework and went grocery shopping today. But in a few hours I'm going to the Shakespeare Theater Company- so excited! Hope y'all enjoy your Sunday! 

What is your favorite baseball team?
What is your favorite stadium? 
Any plans for your day off tomorrow?


  1. My favorite baseball team is obviously the Detroit Tigers. Don't have favorite stadium, but the Nationals stadium is nice. I'm off to the airport tomorrow for work again. Look forward to a week in Denver.

    1. The stadium was really nice and it's right next to the metro stop! Have fun in Denver!