Saturday, September 15, 2012

I'll always be a kid at heart!

I have great news for y'all! My internship is finally getting better! After talking through everything with my boss, internship advisor, and professor, things are looking up. It's still not exactly what I want to do, but at least I am doing productive things now.

This week went by really fast and I will try to start blogging more during the week, I promise! It's hard because I'm not allowed to discuss what I do at work since we are working with a variety of campaigns. And when I spend over 8 hours of my day with work, that doesn't leave a whole lot of time for me to do exciting things to tell y'all about.

But highlights from this week include a surprise package in the mail from my TCU family! I was not expecting anything and then when I got a box from my friends (and future roommates!), it totally made my day! Sorry the picture is backwards.

I got cookies, nail polish, tea, a loofah, and Phineas and Ferb stuff! My friends know me so well :) I'll always be a kid at heart considering my love for Phineas and Ferb. My co-workers looked at me a little weird when I was eating P and F fruit snacks at work, but that was ok with me haha!

Another highlight is that my mom, my best friend, and my best friend's mom are coming to visit for my birthday! It's perfect because our moms are best friends too, so it is sure to be the best weekend ever. For our 16th birthdays, we went to NYC, so now we'll spend our 20th birthdays in DC. I can't wait!

This morning I went on a  long run again- it's a great way to sight see because you can see so many things on one run!

Now I'm doing homework until I go meet a bunch of TCU students and alum to watch the football game. Go frogs!

What would you need in your perfect care package? 
What is your favorite way to sightsee? Bus, walk, bike, run? 
What was your favorite birthday and what did you do? I loved my 16th birthday, but this one is going to be great too! 


  1. It does sound like things are looking up! Can you send me your address? I don't get to spoil the girl in Ft Worth this year so it looks like it will be long distance :) I was thinking of you the other day...Olive Garden is promoting their "Never Ending Pasta Bowl"! lol Not that you pigged out there or anything...

    My perfect care package would be: Hungarian food, Starbucks & my favorite Bath & Body Works (Vanilla). I'm not sure I can pinpoint any "favorite" way to sight see...but my favorite way to sight see is with family or friends. My favorite bday was my 21st (& not the reason you are thinking -woo hoo I can drink!)...I met your Uncle John on my 21st birthday & we've been together ever since! He was my bonus present. I can't believe you are going to be 20...where did the time go? I still remember the two little blonde sisters who were totally rockin' with Barney! I am so glad your mom & RI BFF's are coming to celebrate with you! What a special time that will be.

    So you mentioned homework...what kind of classes are you attending there? I guess I had it in my head it was strictly work (the internship). Last but not least - GO FROGS!! Enjoy your weekend Mariah! Love ya :)

    1. Haha I love the Never Ending Pasta Bowl and it's such a good deal! I'll need to find an Olive Garden here and go :p That's a cute story about your 21st birthday- I can't believe I'll be 21 next year. I'm taking a Law and Ethics in Communications class and it's only once a week, so not too bad! Love you too!

  2. Glad the internship is getting better. Average game for TCU too many turnovers, which didn't hurt them today, but will against better teams. My best birthday would probably be my 40th when we had many friends at a party, and also went camping. I really look forward to my 50th birthday in a few years. I will work on getting a hotel room for your mother and the Santopietro's, probably in Alexandria.

    1. They played pretty badly, but at least we still won! I had an awesome time watching the game b/c we met a bunch of alumni who were all really nice! Your 50th birthday is in a few years? Hahaha. Thank you for looking at hotels for us!

  3. Glad your internship has improved:)
    I think the double decker bus is a fun way to see alt in a short amount of time. I like it better when you can jump off and sightsee and then catch another bus to continue your tour, (for no additional charge of course).
    I don't really have a favorite birthday I can remember. My milestone birthdays were years we moved :(

    1. Double decker buses are fun! I like that they have options for night tours on double decker buses here. They also have duck tours here!