Monday, September 3, 2012

My weekend was full of surprises!

My weekend was literally full of surprises! Here is a list of the good ones :)

Surprise 1: Breakfast with neighbors

I woke up to a text on Sunday morning that my neighbors were making breakfast for a big group of girls from my apartment building! It was nice to meet people and eat good breakfast food- we made french toast, eggs, and bacon. Yum!

Surprise 2: Free tickets to the theater

I also woke up to another good text on Sunday! Two friends had tickets to the Shakespeare Theater Company and had two extra tickets- so I invited another friend and we all went to see "All's Well That Ends Well"

There were so many cool fossils! This is the evolution of whales. They went from being small with hands and feet (the top fossil), to longer with no hands and feet (the middle one), to so long that you can't even see the whole thing (the bottom one) in this picture! 

This is a meteorite from Tucson! A little piece of home :)

This is a view of the ocean room. It was so much fun to go to this museum, even though we didn't originally plan to go there. 

Surprise 4: The most surprising surprise! 

I was at Union Station shopping with my friends after dinner and I was on the phone with my dad. All of the sudden, I turned around and he was sitting on a bench behind me at the store we were in! I thought I hallucinated or something! He told me he was traveling this week, but not here! I'm very excited that my dad will be here for my first week of work! 

Did you have any fun surprises this weekend?
Looking forward to a short work week?


  1. Mariah ~ are just having one great experience after another! What a sweet, daddy! And a cool surprise too - showing up like that!! Enjoy your time with him...I know you will. Love, Aunt Denise

  2. See! your dad loves and cares about you, your blessed.
    Frankie T.