Saturday, September 1, 2012

First weekend in DC! Part 1

After my last orientation meeting on Friday, I went straight to my room to make lunch and plan the rest of my day. First stop was a walk to the Capitol. 

The walk is only about a mile or so- we are really close! I figure that I'll run to the Capitol and around the mall a lot this semester :) 

This is a fountain in front of the Capitol. I had already went there when my Dad was here, but of course I was up for an afternoon walk when my friends suggested it. 

You can sort of see the fountain and water in front of the Capitol here. The mall is being renovated, so some of the grass is dying. They are tearing up the ground and putting in new irrigation systems- I hope it is done before I leave so I can see the entire mall without construction!

We sat in the grass under the trees here. At this point we had already walked a couple miles and it was very hot out. Taking a break and looking at the Smithsonian Castle was perfect. 

After I got back from my walk to the Capitol, another friend asked if I wanted to go on a dry run to figure out how to get to our internships. She is interning at National Geographic, so we went into the gift shop near the museum. I thought this book was adorable! It has all of these cute ideas for kids to learn how to give and help others. 

I didn't take a picture of where my internship is (I forgot!), but I'll be sure to do that some time this semester :) 

Do you like going on walks to learn your way around a new city or do you look up directions to everywhere you need to go? 
What was your favorite book when you were a kid?

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