Thursday, March 15, 2012

Oh, wise Eleanor...

On my post-it wall post the other day, I was saying that I love the Eleanor Roosevelt quote. So here's another quote by her for today! She said some really amazing things- such a classy lady.

This just got me thinking about what a crazy job First Ladies have. Technically, they aren't the ones with a specific job since they are just married to the President. But they must portray the right image, pick an issue to stand by, and support their husbands! 

Imagine having to calm down the man in charge of the country. I bet that's tough work. And always acting and looking so perfect? Everyone knows that's not easy. 

But look at some of the great First Ladies America has had- Eleanor Roosevelt, Jackie Kennedy, Michelle Obama... and so many more. 

And, at least in my mind, even if the public doesn't support the President, almost nobody hates the First Lady! She's a celebrity, a supporter, an activist, and also a normal person at the same time. 

I want to be as classy, elegant, and political active as these amazing role models! I hope that someday I am. 

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