Thursday, March 8, 2012

Rain rain go away

At work today, I kept saying that I didn't want it to rain because it is not enjoyable to drive back to school in the rain. But, no lie, every person kept telling me that I should want the rain because we need it!

I didn't realize that Texas needed the rain that much- I was pretty sure we were out of the drought since we have been getting rain regularly. But none of those people thought so.

So I guess we will agree to disagree. They can hope for rain, while I will hope for the sun to shine! I am definitely one of those people that is affected my the weather. If it is nice and sunny out, I am happy. When it's rainy and dark, I'm not the most fun to be around.

My mood is kind of like this song. I love love love Ben Rector. I kept discovering more of his songs and each one is amazing!

Today, I would love to hide away. I wish I could have stayed at work with all my nice coworkers. And now I wish I could just stay in my room, with my tea, a good book, and fuzzy socks.

Sadly, I have Spanish class and my night class. Boo. Wish me luck!

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