Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What goes up, must come down

Do you ever feel like when something good happens, something bad happens immediately after? Sometimes I feel like that.

But instead of focusing on those bad things, just complain about them for a bit to blow off steam and move on! That's my new philosophy because I've tried the whole not complaining at all thing before- it's so difficult. Just talking about the problem can help solve it sometimes.

And another little piece of advice? One of my friends yesterday said that she doesn't like countdowns because that means she is looking too much into the future instead of enjoying the present. Not sure if I completely agree with that because I LOVE LOVE LOVE countdowns, but I understand her point about enjoying the present.

So when I'm not completely bogged down in class and work, I'm going to try to enjoy the present more! Because obviously my countdowns are more to get me through all of the work, not all the other wonderful moments during the day.

Countdown= 25 more days of class

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