Monday, March 19, 2012

Paint Your Life

This is how life should be! Today my life was definitely full of life and happiness- I love being home :)

Last night was fun because I went to my brother's and fiancé's new apartment! They invited my sister and I over for dinner, which equaled ordering pizza and eating while watching Step Brothers and Super Bad. It made me realize how we have all grown up! Who would have ever thought we would be old enough to be invited over to each other's places- crazy!

This morning, my brother came over to our house to run with me and go to breakfast with my sister and I. Good morning! But since I of course woke up about 4 hours before he even came over, I did some more baking :)

Here are Copycat Nature Valley Bars from Chocolate Covered Katie! They are awesome and chewier than regular Nature Valley Bars, which makes them easier to eat- and they are much healthier!! 

I gave some to my brother and his fiancĂ© and they ate all of them! So I need to make some more. I also made Lara Bars today, which I'll write about later. For this recipe though, I substituted regular flour for oat flour and didn't bake them as long. This is a recipe I will hold on to! 

After that long morning, I went shopping and got my first business suit! I feel so grown up :) Basically I got the deal of a lifetime on a Calvin Klein suit today- I'm in love with it and can't wait to wear it! 

Well I'm off to snuggle with the dogs, drink some tea, and probably go to bed early. Hope y'all are enjoying your week- this is no doubt the best Monday I've had in forever! 

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