Saturday, February 4, 2012

#party #crazysaturdaynight

Such a long day! I had to wake up to finish writing my article from last night. Then I had an 8 hour shift at work. Yes, 8 hours. It's a lot, but it's money! Something I definitely need as a college student.

Once I finally got back to my dorm at 7, I immediately started on homework and cleaning. And then I did homework at the Rec after I finished running.

So basically my Saturday consists of homework, working out, and more homework. Fun stuff, I know. I'm a real partier.

Here's a good song to lift your spirits! I've been hearing it on the radio a lot lately and every time it comes on, I turn it up, sing loudly, and dance along to it. Along with being a big partier, I'm also a super nerd... just in case you didn't know.

Enjoy! And hopefully y'all are having a better weekend than I am :)

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