Monday, February 13, 2012

If we were a movie

Why can't my life be like a movie?!

Everything seems to work out perfectly in the end of movies and unfortunately, real life is nothing like that. Boo.

For example, why can't I be like Elle Woods in Legally Blonde? Be the complete underdog, become all motivated to do better, and then be the best at what I do? Watch Me Shine is going to be the soundtrack to my life now.

Or can I please be Becky Fuller in Morning Glory? A job in television in New York City? Count me in! And the Natasha Bedingfield song can be my song when this happens.

Monte Carlo anyone? Go on a trip to Paris, end up in Monte Carlo, pull a Lizzie McGuire and impersonate a famous person, and meet cute boys along the way? Oh my, I wish.

Basically any Nicholas Sparks book/movie love story would do also. I want a Noah- as in someone who is completely in love with me and is super romantic!

Also, Clueless. I want a closet just like hers. And all of the clothes from The Devil Wears Prada. And the job of a lifetime that allows me to work anywhere else after.

Another writer/journalist movie character I want to be. Sophie from Letters to Juliet. Or Skeeter from The Help.

There are so many more I bet, but these are the ones I think of right now. I really wish my life could be like a combination of these movies! Can't blame me for dreaming.

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