Friday, February 17, 2012

My oh my

Needless to say, this has been a crazy week. And I did not enjoy it- not even one bit. It's sad to say, but this has made me question whether I have what it takes to be a journalist. I get too stressed out! Which is weird because I don't usually get that stressed out. Things are different now.

I found out this week that I am a really bad stress eater. And I stress out more when I don't have time to work out. So today, I tried to eat a little bit better and I went on the fastest run ever. I hadn't truly worked out in two days, which is a long time for me! So when I went out to run, I just kept pushing myself. It was wonderful and just what I needed!

So goals for next week? Eat healthy, don't stress eat (especially if I'm not hungry), exercise, and take some time each day to do nothing, even if it's just sitting down for 2 minutes.

But considering I got some bad news tonight about an article I was working on an immediately ate a package of fruit snacks... we'll see how this goes.

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