Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Busy bee

I've been writing a lot lately! This reporting class is killing me with the amount of work involved, so when I got the chance to write two opinion articles this week, I jumped on it.

I love getting to just write, without stopping to double check facts or quotes. Writing my own opinion eliminates the need for all of that. And let me just tell you, that is a beautiful thing.

One article I wrote is about interviewing early. I learned a few things about why you should interview during college to prepare for interviewing for jobs after graduation.

I just finished writing another one about Super PACs. If you don't know what these are, then you aren't a politics nerd like I am, which is completely fine! I'll post the article when it gets published because everything about them is explained in there. Including my opinion on them :) Fun stuff.

Also, today is Ash Wednesday, a.k.a the beginning of no desserts for Lent. Boooooo. Why do I always do this? Oh yeah, because I seem to get addicted to sugar each year. And it always seems to be right before Lent, when I realize that I need to stop eating so much sugar, so I give it all up for Lent.

Today wasn't bad because I fasted all day and by the time I ate after the sun went down, I was craving healthy food. So let's hope that continues! Also, it's the first day. Wait a week to see if I'm having withdrawals- I really hope I'm not!

Here's a song we sang at Mass today. It's been stuck in my head since. But it's catchy and beautiful. Take a listen and happy beginning to Lent/Hump Day/Second to last Wednesday in February!

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