Saturday, February 11, 2012

Monte Carlo

Last night was girl's night! So much fun.

I went to dinner with two of my friends and we just ate and talked forever! It's nice to find people that you can talk to about anything and never run out of things to say. We are a sort of eclectic group of girls, but we fit together perfectly!

After that, we watched Monte Carlo, that movie with Selena Gomez, Leighton Meester, and Katie Cassidy. The premise is that Selena's character has just graduated from a high school that she despises and can't wait to get away. She has been saving up for 4 years to take a trip to Paris with her best friend, Katie Cassidy's character, before she heads to college at NYU. Katie's character and Leighton Meester's character went to high school together and graduated before Selena. But Leighton and Selena are new stepsisters and their parents decide Leighton has to go on the trip because Katie isn't trustworthy enough.

I'm using their real names because I think that's easier than switching up names... and it's easier to picture them if you haven't seen the movie!

Anyways, they get to Paris and are on a terrible bus tour that leaves them behind. Selena gets mistaken for this rich heiress and they get flown to Monte Carlo for a benefit auction. Selena pretends to be this girl and they all have a great trip, meeting cute boys from all over the world, and having the time of their lives.

Now I won't spoil the end, because there is a whole other side to the plot that I haven't told you yet. I told you the more interesting part with cute boys :)

I know it's a typical teenage girl movie, but I thought it was great! It made me want to travel and see the world. And find one of the romances that they find in the movie. And it was a relax-and-don't-use-your-brain movie, which we all need sometimes!

I definitely recommend this movie. And for reference, it's a little like the Lizzie McGuire movie, with the whole impersonating a famous person because you look just like them thing.

So if you are having a girl's night soon, check it out! And be prepared to look up tickets to Monte Carlo after... just like I did last night... don't judge.

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