Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Way I See It

Today was a long, but great day. I don't know what has changed recently, but I feel like I'm having a more positive outlook on life.

Even though I had to work a bunch and run around to work, classes, and meetings all day (and I still have one more meeting tonight!), it was wonderful. I got my car fixed- thank goodness! Now I'm all good to drive and will make it home safe and sound after...

Countdown= 6 more days of class and then finals!

I am so thankful for family today too. Even though I rarely ever see my family here in Texas, they were here for me the second I needed them. Normally, the drive is too long for us to see each other and we are all too busy. But when I told them I needed help, the drive was no longer a problem.

I think that goes along with this quote. The world is smaller than you think and the people are more beautiful than you think.

Lately, I've been running into a problem; people are very quick to think the worst of others and judge them. But I think that we should think everyone has something good about them until they prove us wrong. I want to believe that people are inherently good and that the bad few make people nervous.

I know that's a random thought, but just something I wanted to get out there!

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