Monday, April 2, 2012

Instructions: Repeat

Done with the first day of a four day week! Today was really long, but I made it and now I just need to repeat that for 3 more days... And actually if I repeat it for-

Countdown= 21 more days of class

then I will be done with this semester!

Now for a recap of today and yesterday!

Yesterday, the easter egg hunt with APO was so much fun! I think every beautiful Sunday should be spent outside with friends. We had the hunt and a BBQ while sitting in the grass near the tennis courts. I felt like my life couldn't be any more perfect :)

Then, I also got my updated grade for Reporting class! Drum roll please.... I have an 82 right now! I am definitely improving my grade and I think I can pull out a B or B+. Based on how the beginning of the semester went, I didn't think a B was possible. 

Today I woke up early to go workout/research for a story I'm doing. It's about a church exercise group, so instead of sitting around, waiting for them to finish, I worked out with them. 

Then I spent the rest of the morning working on other stories- geez, reporting takes over my life!  But it was all good, besides the fact that I missed the Honors Breakfast. By the time I got there, all of the food was gone. Boo hungry honors students. 

Now that class is over, I'm getting ready for Zumba and dinner with friends. I wish every day could be as good as today has been!

Enjoy the rest of your Monday :)

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