Sunday, April 8, 2012

What can you look past?

Can you look past the fact that these last 19 days of class are going to be dreadful?

Can you look past the fact that we'll have finals after all of those classes?

Can I look past that these are my last 19 days of class at TCU for the next year?

Can I look past everything that hasn't been going as I would like in my life?

The answer is yes, y'all and I can look past all of that! Because even though a bunch of bad stuff happens, so many good things happen. For example, I had to wake up soooooo early this morning. But I got to see the sun rise during mass :) And I have hard classes and a lot of work these next few weeks. But the weekends will be full of time with my friends, which is always fun. And those 19 days are 19 more days of work out classes I can go to! So just be positive y'all! Especially since tomorrow is Monday haha. 

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