Thursday, April 12, 2012

I look like a mess

Oh goodness. I just did one of the most intense, short workouts ever. Within a few minutes, I was sweating like crazy- but enjoying every painful second of it!

I signed up for the Self Drop 10 Diet because:
1. I follow them on Twitter
2. I was tired of clicking on links from Twitter and not getting to see them because I'm not part of the Drop 10 Diet.

Hence, my choice to sign up. But after today's workout, I realized it was totally a good choice! They have such great workouts on there that take barely any time at all but are super effective.

Take today's workout.

HIIT It: Calorie Sizzler
Sprint for 8 seconds. On a scale from 1 to 10, where 1 is the effort it takes to run water and 10 is the effort it takes to run a race, aim for 8. Recover for 12 seconds at level 5. Repeat for 15 minutes. That's one workout down.

Instead of running since the outdoor air is really getting to me (allergies! ugh!), I did the workout on the elliptical in the Rec Center. I thought doing this workout on the treadmill would be awful, with having to change the speed every 8-12 seconds. The elliptical was easier because I set it at an intensity level, but could change my speed just by pedaling faster.

Seeing that it was only 15 minutes for the actual workout portion did not give me much hope. How could I possibly get a good interval workout in 15 minutes? But my mind quickly changed! This was so hard, but I kept pushing myself to go faster and faster. For the last interval, I was going 15 mph! Normally I went 11 to 12 mph for the 8 second intervals and 6-7 mph for the 12 second intervals. 

I also did a 5 minute warm up and 10 minutes after the workout to make it an even 30 minutes. I highly suggest trying this!

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