Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Fashion advice

Buddha quotes
How amazing is that idea? "Fashion your life as a garland of beautiful deeds." How often do you do things purely for other people?

Last night, I watched an episode of Royal Pains, which I haven't watched in forever! But it sounded like a good way to unwind after the long day. And during the episode, they portrayed one character as selfless, which you don't see on TV anymore. Everyone seems to be obsessed with themselves and doing whatever it takes to make them happy and advance their lives.

But this girl was willing to give up a great opportunity because her fiancé said he would miss her if she went away for a few weeks. And she wanted to do her best so that she wouldn't disappoint her boss. Basically her goal in life was to make others happy. If she had to sacrifice her happiness to do it, then so be it.

I wish I was more like that. When I'm at work and reporting, everyone else seems to come first. I rearrange my schedule around what others want and I am as nice as possible. But the rest of the time, I find that I put myself first. That's necessary sometimes because we'd all probably be too stressed and crazy if we always did what others wanted!

But I think that I can put others first a little more often. Like when a friends comes to my room to talk. I should listen and not be on my computer or interrupting. And when a coworker needs a shift covered, but I'd rather sleep, I should probably help him/her out.

These deeds are small compared to what Buddha probably had in mind. But don't forget, I'm a busy college student! I think one step at a time will work :)

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