Sunday, April 1, 2012

Happy Sunday!

This morning, I woke up early (early for a Sunday morning) and went out with one of the girls from my hall. Our plan was to grab Panera and go to the Botanical Gardens to study.

Let me just say that this was a brilliant idea. Trust me.

We ended up eating at Panera, but that was better so that our food was still warm. I got a Breakfast Power Sandwich- egg, cheese, and ham on wheat bread. So good! And I also got a pumpkin muffie for free- score!

In case you’ve never had a muffie (which I hadn’t before today), it’s just the top of a muffin. The best part of a muffin, especially if it is pumpkin flavored.

After eating, we went to the Botanical Gardens to study. This was good and bad.

I was really productive and wrote a lot the first hour we were there.
It was beautiful outside. Literally the perfect weather.

After I decided I was tired writing, I just walked around, didn’t do homework, and wrote this blog post.
It made me want it to be summer already… more than I already wanted it to be summer.

I think I could spend the whole day at the Botanical Gardens. I would walk around, look at flowers, picnic, nap, take pictures- just have a perfect day. Too bad I have work to do (darn school!).

Well I have an Easter Egg Hunt later for APO and I’m really excited for it! I’ll let y’all know about that later. Have a wonderful Sunday!

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