Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Happy Wednesday!

3 weeks from today, I will be having my last day of classes for this semester! As excited as I am, it's also making me a little nervous now. I definitely want the semester to be over already because it has been killing me, but I'm going to be a junior now! Half way done with college- scary thought. 

Where did the time go? How am I already done with 2 years of college? And if these two years went by quickly, I can only imagine how quickly the next two years will go by. 

Do y'all have freak out moments like that? One second, I'm begging time to go faster. And the next second I think that it needs to slow down so I don't have to enter the real world as soon. 

This picture made me laugh. Babies freaking out- y'all should Google that because the results will hopefully cheer you up and make you stop freaking out. That's what it did for me at least. 

Have a happy Wednesday! 

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