Monday, April 23, 2012

She believed she could

I know it's been a while, sorry y'all! Being sick and having the most stressful week ever really got to me and writing a post was the last thing on my mind (no offense!). My car needs two new tires, which is going to cost a lot, but the shop I took it to tried to rip me off! I would rather not think the worst of people, but when they were going to charge me $400 for two tires, not including tax or labor, that's a rip-off. Unfortunately, everyone has been telling me that it's because I'm a blond girl with a nice car (thanks to my wonderful parents!) and I have TCU stickers on my car. I guess these people at the shop thought I was super rich and dumb or something!

Anyways, I'm getting that all worked out this week. Thankfully I have wonderful family and friends here. One of my friends dropped me off at work this weekend while my uncle drove to TCU to put the spare tire on my car and pick me up from work. He's looking into tire prices and hopefully will get me a much better deal! 

I just want this all to be worked out before I go home- I definitely need a working car to make it back to Arizona. And speaking of going home...

Countdown= 8 more days of class including today

I believe I can, so hopefully I will. Happy Monday y'all and sorry for the post full of complaints! I promise I'll post later and it'll be happy :)

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