Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Vote Today!

Today was Election Day for TCU Student Body! It's very exciting for me because I'm in House of Representatives and Elections & Regulations Committee.

Basically all day I've been yelling at people to vote. I'm not campaigning for anyone, I just want people to vote in general.

It makes me sad when people are apathetic and deny themselves the right to vote. We are in a democratic society where we get this amazing opportunity to choose who represents and leads us! Why don't people take advantage of that opportunity?

Also, when those same apathetic people complain about their leaders, I think it's just wrong. They lost their right to complain when they chose not to vote. By not voting, you are saying that you don't care and will be fine with whoever is in power. If you care, then show you care by voting!

Anyways, that's my rant for today. And speaking of voting, here are two great news articles!

Arizona Senator loses recall election

TCU Student Body Elections

This second story made national news! Although it's not the greatest publicity for the school and the whole thing got blown out of proportion, it's awesome that some small university election made it onto a national station.

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