Sunday, November 20, 2011

A good quote always helps. I swear!

Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened. 
-Dr. Seuss

Once again, I'm going through some tough relationship times. Is this what college is really about? Because I know it's supposed to be about learning, but it seems like people are always having relationship problems. 

There are those with long distance problems. Cheating. Lying. Becoming different people, whether that be through changing friends or becoming more mature. Growing apart. Not knowing if someone likes. Knowing that someone likes you and you don't like them. Hooking up scandals. Seeing them around campus when you don't want to. Or not seeing them when you want to. 

The problems are endless. Why isn't life like a romantic comedy?! Why can't all girls find the perfect guy who is a true gentleman and really romantic?

Maybe because that would make life too easy. Nobody would learn anything. People wouldn't appreciate when good things happen. 

So my quote is this Dr. Seuss quote. Most people have the instinct to cry when something is over. But think about it- you learned something from this, got the experience, and you can move on. So smile. Know that you are strong and that good will come from anything. 

Because if we don't believe that good comes from everything, why do we even try?

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