Sunday, November 13, 2011

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These are some pictures from the Star-Telegram today about TCU's game yesterday.

Unfortunately, TCU might not be ranked yet, but Boise will definitely fall in the rankings. That site said that Boise might fall to 9 and their whole season was ruined because of yesterdays game. Now they aren't going to be the Mountain West Champions.

Some other football news, but unfortunately it's bad news... Penn State lost. I feel really bad for the team and the students at that school. I can't imagine going through that scandal. But the fact that they went out there and still played the game is great.

And ASU lost to Washington State. They had been doing so well this season! What a shame.

Auburn lost too. It's amazing how much the BCS rankings change from year to year when big schools lose a bunch of seniors. Last year, Auburn and TCU were at the top, and now Auburn is 20 and TCU isn't ranked.

Baylor won. Boo Baylor. Nobody likes Waco.

Now for some good quotes from the TCU/Boise game:
"We didn't shock the world, we just reminded them." Tank Carder
"TCU has a good team. Don't let two losses fool you. Those guys are good. Our guys know it. We knew it going in." Boise State coach Chris Peterson

Fun fact, in case you didn't know. Gary Patterson coached Chris Peterson in college. Now they are competing. Cool, huh?

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