Sunday, November 20, 2011


Is it possible to have nostalgia about something that happened a few months ago?

I think it might be possible! I just looked back over all of my blog posts and it reminded me of so much that has happened this semester. It makes me miss those good times and reminds me of those few bad times.

But I was looking through it to find all of the quotes that I write down. I used to keep journals, but I was really bad about doing that every day. And I always would throw them away after I finished one because I don't want people to ever read them.

Blogging has become my online diary though. I still journal sometimes, but not in the same way. Now my journals are filled with quotes and stories. I love quotes because I feel like no matter what you are going through, someone has gone through it before and has some sort of advice.

So I was looking through my blog so I could find all of the quotes and write them down in my journal. It's easier to reread them there instead of looking through all of my blog posts.

Anyways, do y'all ever get nostalgic about things that happened fairly recently?

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