Saturday, November 5, 2011


Last night, I volunteered at Texas Motor Speedway for APO. We work at a concession stand there all weekend and that's how we fund raise.

Basically, we work for free and get 10% of what we sell. Plus we can ask people for donations and we get to keep all of that. I was the MVP yesterday and got $28 in donations :)

But it was so much fun! I have never been to NASCAR before and it was exactly what I expected. But funnier.

People walk in in bright jackets and crazy outfits, with huge coolers full of beer. And they are allowed in with all of that! It's crazy!

And the people were so typical Texans. It was really lovely. (Totally not being sarcastic there, I really do love it!)

I feel like a real Texan now! I didn't watch the race at all, but I talked to a bunch of people, sold beer and gross food all night, and had fun!

Ironic part though- a bunch of the race cars are sponsored by alcohol companies... Don't drink and drive though folks :)

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