Friday, December 2, 2011


Youtube gets a makeover! If you go to youtube today, you will see that it looks a lot different!

I'm personally confused by the changes, but it looks a lot more personal. Like it recommends stations and songs that it thinks I would like. And it has information and links on the side for me too.

But I liked when I could go to youtube and it would immediately show me what was most popular. You can still see that if you click on the trending, popular, music, or entertainment tabs, but it's not right there on the front screen.

I'm biased though. As a person who isn't completely up to date with all technology and is trying to learn about everything, when something changes, I get lost. But these changes are actually great and I'm sure I'll start to appreciate them fully soon!

Please read the article from CNN that I have a link to at the top of this post. It's really informative! Apparently these changes have been available for a while, but it's just now happening for everyone. So check it out! And let me, or Youtube know what you think. They have an option to provide feedback at the bottom of your Youtube homepage.

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