Sunday, December 4, 2011

Weekend update

Sorry that I didn't post yesterday, I was very busy! This is my second to last weekend here this semester!

On Friday, I had APO Crossover, which is the first step in becoming an active. I had to answer questions about APO to show what I've learned this semester. I passed, thank goodness!

After that, I went on a horse-drawn carriage ride! It was so cute- I felt like I was in Central Park. Then my friends and I went to dinner, watched Elf, and just had a fun night hanging out.

Yesterday, I went to Body Pump in the morning. It was so hard! I was sweating 5 minutes in and all of my muscles were shaking. But I actually wasn't as sore after as I was last time.

Then we had our last football game! It was rainy and gloomy out, but my friend and I bought ponchos and stayed the whole time. It was a great game! We won against UNLV 56-9. It was senior night too, so it was nice to see all the seniors and their families on the field. And after the game, we all went out on the field. I was s close to all of the players, like Tank Carder and Casey Pachall!

Then, I went to dinner with some other friends and went to a Christmas concert. A middle/elementary school from the area was performing. The kids were so talented and cute! And the TCU Word of Truth Gospel Choir sang Calling in Action and Soul Steppers, both TCU dance groups, danced also. I felt like I was in the Christmas spirit afterwards!

This morning, it was still rainy. But it's really cold too! Under 40 degrees outside. But I braved the weather and got my grocery shopping done. Now I'm off to the Rec, then have meetings tonight.

I'll post another update later, hopefully! Have a good Sunday!

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