Tuesday, December 13, 2011

RW Holiday Streak

So I'm not very good at making sure that I run when my schedule is all messed up like this! Finals week makes my schedule crazy!

On Sunday, I totally planned to run after choir and church. I had study groups all day, so I couldn't run before. I wasn't too happy that I would have to run at the Rec, since it would be dark outside, but I figured it was only one day. 

But when I went to the Rec on Sunday, I found out that it had closed at 6! 6?! We are on a college campus? And I went at 7, which isn't late at all!

The Rec is closing by 9 every day this week! It makes me sad because I know they want us to sleep before finals, but why is our cafeteria open later and our Rec closes earlier? I think encouraging people to exercise instead of eat to relieve stress would be a better option. 

Anyways, I missed a day of the Runner's World Holiday Streak. But it's okay, because I ran yesterday and today! I haven't been running very much, mainly because I don't have time and my headphones are broken so I can't use my iPod. 

When I'm outside, I like to run without my iPod sometimes, but I can't go to the Rec without an iPod. It's so boring! 

To do list: Buy headphones. Shorten my presentation for Spanish because it's too long. Start packing and figure out how to fit all my clothes in a carry on. Don't go insane. 

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