Friday, December 30, 2011


Sorry. Still haven't been writing as much as I had originally hoped. I got sick two days ago and then I didn't feel great the next day either. But I'm back on my feet and feeling great!

And I have today and tomorrow off of work. Woo too!

Today is all about cleaning and organizing. I love doing this and so does my dad, but nobody else in our house has come to help us. It's 11 am and everyone is still hiding out in their rooms.

But as I'm trying to clean up my life physically, I'm thinking of what to do for my New Year's Resolution(s). I want to clean up my diet for one. I eat a bunch of fruit, but not a lot of vegetables. I also eat a bunch of carbs, so I want to cut back on that and fill my diet with better foods. I definitely don't eat badly, don't get me wrong. But focusing on eating healthier, better for me foods will be good.

I also want to start taking more pictures for my blog! And not care as much about Facebook. I honestly love reading/writing blogs and using Twitter more, so why waste all of my time on Facebook. I will still use it obviously. It's a great social media tool! But I don't want to be obsessed with it anymore.

I really just need to be more specific with my resolutions and make a list, which I fully intend to do today or tomorrow. I'll let y'all know. And since I have these two days off, I will make sure to blog again! Hope everyone is enjoying the last few days of 2011!

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