Thursday, December 15, 2011

What a Day

If you log onto CNN today, you will immediately see tons of things about the war in Iraq. And how the military is leaving today.

But I personally like this article about how the war changed the lives of these 8 people. And as a warning, they aren't all bad things, but some of them are. Marc Loiselle's story about feeling like a bad person really hit me. Eric Sofge's story was also extremely sad.

Those of us here in America who aren't directly impacted or involved in the war don't understand what goes on and how much this can tear apart families. Yes, we are thankful, but are we 100% sure of what we are thankful for? The people in the military tore apart their lives and sometimes their families to do their job of protecting us.

At the same time, the other side of the argument comes out. Why are we so thankful? As Jim Lewandowski said, he didn't know why he was there sometimes. The war seemed as if it was over already in Iraq and the Iraqis didn't want help from the military. And Spencer Alexander says that more bad than good came out of it all. Why did we put all of these brave people through it?

Wasn't there another way? Why is war the first option? Why couldn't we have left sooner? So many questions and they may be left unanswered. Unfortunately, that is just how it works out sometimes.

But let's just be thankful that it's over now and the military can come home.

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