Friday, December 16, 2011

Bye Fort Worth!

I finally finished all of my finals! Let's just say that I told someone I was "bread dain" after my final this morning... I meant to say brain dead. Not pretty.

But the important part is that I'm done and hopefully, I'll know my grade tomorrow!

And the Super Shuttle is picking me up in 10 minutes. So excited! But it's funny because I've been looking forward to this since Thanksgiving and now I'm a little sad. Being away from TCU for at least 3 weeks? I'll miss my friends!

It'll be awesome to be home though! And I promise to blog over break- I bought a new laptop and I'll finally get to use it when I get home. So I will make sure to post updates! Maybe not as frequently as I do now, but still something.

Now I'm off! Have a good break y'all! And safe flights/drives!

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