Monday, October 1, 2012

Beware of female spies

Hi y'all! Normally I would try to post twice within my weekend, but I'm sad to say my weekend wasn't as packed as it normally is. I've been getting sick, which completely ruins my plans to do as much as possible each weekend :(

I did end up having some fun this weekend though! On Friday night, I went to a hockey game between the FBI and Canadian Embassy. With the NHL lockout, I think people are having hockey withdrawals because people got really into this game!

The hockey rink was at a mall in Ballston, which also had a Chick-Fil-A! I couldn't believe that there is only 1 Chick-Fil-A in this town- people in DC don't know what they are missing out on.

On Saturday, I had to volunteer again. Part of it was fun because it was at a Green Festival, so I got to walk around and see all of these eco-friendly products and try healthy food samples. The volunteering part was not fun because we had to pick through trash- literally. We had to open trash bags and separate what could be composted, recycled, and thrown away. No wonder I'm sick...

The TCU SMU game was on Saturday night, so it was back to Hill Country to watch the game! TCU WON! Such an exciting night and it was great to see how many people showed up. The place was packed.

Yesterday, I went to the Spy Museum! I got a half price ticket on Groupon which also came with a discount at the gift shop. The museum was great! It was so interactive and I had a lot of fun, except there were no pictures allowed. And of course I got a coffee mug as a souvenir- it says "Beware of Female Spies" aka my future job haha.

Today I'm off to programming and a gala! Also, one of my friends from school is in town, so hopefully I will get to see her today or tomorrow!

Any fun stories from the weekend?
When you are sick, do you stay in bed all weekend or try to get out and do stuff? 


  1. Nothing to add from this past weekend. We are having an Oktoberfest gathering between churches this coming Saturday.

    When I am's staying in bed & Mrs. Grass' soup mix (if I can't have homemade). Even back when I was your age- I hibernate for a day or two and then I am good to go!

    Hope you are feeling better :)

  2. No funny stories, too busy with soccer Friday winning 3 - 1, watching Adrianna's U-8 team win 5 - 4 and watching her U-19 team win 7 - 1. Then flying to Green Bay took my entire Sunday. And sorry don't know what it means to be sick. You know us super heros, don't have time to get sick.