Friday, October 26, 2012

DC After Dark

Let me just apologize ahead of time- there are no desserts in this post. Or any food at all. I'm sorry to disappoint you. 

On Saturday night, we took a night tour of the monuments called DC After Dark. It was this nice charter bus with the funniest tour guide/bus driver ever, who drove us to a bunch of locations in DC and other areas. Some things he just pointed out from the bus (like the Capitol), but other places, we got to get off the bus and explore. 

Quick side story. I don't really mention names on this blog (for the privacy of others!), but when we were at Union Station waiting for the tour, we ran into a girl that my friend and I went to school with in elementary school! She was in DC for the weekend and we just happened to be in the same exact spot at the same exact time! Crazy, huh? So she went on the tour with us too. 

Our first stop was the White House. It was nice to see it at night with less crowds. 

The Reflecting Pool. I love how the Washington Monument looks with its reflection at night!

Hello Lincoln! The Lincoln Memorial was really busy at night, but I still got some great pictures. 

WWII Memorial. We ran over here because I love how the fountains are lit up at night. Unfortunately, we didn't have enough time to walk around this memorial. 

Iwo Jima. I had never been here before! When we were driving up, we went right past Arlington Cemetery and saw some of the headstones. I need to go there during the day soon- it's on my list of places to go.

MLK Memorial. The walls around it are filled with quotes and these are just a few pictures. If you're ever in DC, I recommend going to the MLK Memorial and FDR Memorial and read all of their quotes. 

Jefferson Memorial. There are also great speeches by him engraved on the walls here. Why don't politicians write their own speeches like this anymore?!

Overall, the tour was great! Take a tour when you go to DC because it is such an easy way to see the main points of DC and hear interesting facts about them from your tour guide. Although it was a cold night, it was the perfect end to our Saturday. Best weekend ever! 

Were you disappointed about the lack of desserts in this post?
Have you ever had any random run-ins with old friends like we did?


  1. I was indeed disappointed about the lack of desserts

  2. Yes, I want to hear more about the food and desserts.!

    Yes I have run into (and ran over)friends, and it is so strange how small the world really is when this happens. I have done this several times at the airport this year.

    Keep up the blogging, I get to see more of our nation's capital.