Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Freedom of Speech!

This Saturday, after a long run around the mall in the morning, I went to the Newseum! I have already been there a couple of times, but since my school was extremely generous and bought us memberships, I decided to go back. Also, I'm supposed to go this Saturday for class, but I can't because I have better plans :)

So I went to look at exhibits I've missed before, do my homework for missing class this Saturday, and go to a symposium.

I walked through the First Amendment exhibits. They had a video showing in which people were interviewed and asked to recite their First Amendment rights... but most people didn't know them. So sad :(

This comic is true for some people- although I wish it wasn't! The picture below is a wall of students' rights and how they are violated at schools everywhere. Students don't have complete freedom at school, but these are cases in which their rights were violated.

Some of the rights on that wall include hair coloring, religious clubs, right to petition, and freedom to write what they want. 

They also had these screens on the wall that asked you questions about the First Amendment rights. This was one of the questions and after answering, you could see how other people answered!

Then we went to a symposium about a new enhanced e-book about the Rolling Stones and this is the author! She was really nice and outgoing- plus she told us some crazy stories about the band! The cool part about her book is that it has video and audio clips in the e-book and it is the first book of it's kind!

I really want to get the book, even though I don't know a lot about them and I don't have an iPad or Nook. Maybe y'all can get it and tell me how it is :)

Do you know your First Amendment rights?
Do you have an iPad or Nook? Normally I like regular books, but having video and audio clips within the e-book is a cool idea! 

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