Tuesday, October 9, 2012

You'll never guess who I saw this weekend!

On Saturday, I went to the Library of Congress. I heard that you can get a library card from there and I really wanted one, so I finally visited.

The Library of Congress is BEAUTIFUL! These pictures are from the Jefferson Building, but there are multiple buildings that make up the Library of Congress.

That is the ceiling. And these are some pictures from around the lobby. You can't take pictures in most of the rooms, which is unfortunate, but understandable. Considering one of the rooms has Jefferson's personal collection of books, I wouldn't want camera flashes ruining them either!

The main library portion was amazing and there were actually people in there doing research! Now that I have my library card, I wonder if I can get in there. When I got my card, I wanted it as a souvenir, but the secretary lady said that isn't allowed- so I told her I would be doing research with my new card :)

These are tea bags that were in the gift shop. The famous figures hang over the side of the cup while the tea steeps! I should have bought them. 

After going to the Library, we were headed to Hill Country to watch the TCU game. We were a little bit early and we heard some music from down the street, so we decided to check it out. 

The pictures aren't the best because we weren't actually allowed in the concert area (you needed tickets), but we could still see pretty well. And you'll never guess who it was! ..........

It was Sean Paul! He was performing in the middle of the street at an event before his concert in Philly that night! We heard him sing Temperature and it was awesome!  

Let's make a deal to skip over the rest of my afternoon. I don't want to talk about how terrible TCU did in our game and why we did horribly (cough Casey cough). 

That night, the Rumble was on, which is the debate between Jon Stewart and Bill O'Reilly. I watched that with a bunch of people from my apartment building and then just chilled for the rest of the night. It was a busy day, but full of good surprises! 

How did your football team do this weekend?
Did you watch the Rumble? If not, I recommend that you do! It was so funny! 


  1. It was a terrible week for football. I think my daughters should start looking at some different schools as both TCU and UA lost.

    Didn't get to watch the Rumble, but read that it was very entertaining.

    What great pictures from the Library of Congress. That is a building I never visited.

  2. So dont feel left out, visit it online.

  3. You should have watched Michigan and Michigan
    state football.

  4. Dominic was happy that Central beat Keller (the first KISD school - and we are ALWAYS reminded of it) at the pink out game.

    Did you make a "DC Bucket list"? Cause you sure are marking off alot of cool events off!

    Your concert experience sounded a bit like mine. When I went to school in Pittsburgh our dorm was right next to their concert arena. We couldn't afford tickets so we went outside to listen (the roof opened up). A few girls met a couple of the acts (or at least their road crew) that played (Kenny Rogers, Rick Springfield to name a few).