Monday, October 22, 2012

My weekend lived up to its name!


This weekend really was the best weekend ever and I'm so glad that I have the best mom and friends who come in town to celebrate birthday weekend :)

Since I have a ton of pictures, I'll start with the beginning and take a few posts to write about everything.

On Thursday, I left work and went to meet my mom at the airport! It was weird to be back to pick someone up, instead of me flying out. We checked into our hotel in Old Town Alexandria (where my dad and I stayed when we first got to DC) and then walked around King St. I didn't take this picture, but the trees did have lights on them like this!
We went to dinner at Red Rocks pizza and it was amazing! Then we just did some shopping and had an early night- I was tired from a long day at work and she was tired from a long day of flying.

Red Rocks Pizza
We woke up early on Friday morning to go to the Apple Store... I got a new phone! My other phone was about 3 years old and was working just fine until I got to DC. Lately I've been getting bad reception and my phone wouldn't receive or send texts. So now I have an iPhone 4s and it is great! I actually took all of my pictures this week on there. And this is the case I have!
Then we went to Dean & Deluca for lunch in Georgetown. We had the most amazing turkey sandwich with brie, apricot mustard, and avocado- yum! And we shared this cute chocolate bar with graham crackers inside.

We did a little more shopping- I got new boots!- and then we went to the airport to pick up our friends! Let the weekend fun begin :)

Do you have a smart phone? This is my first one! Besides my BlackBerry for work... 
How was your weekend? Best weekend ever?

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