Thursday, January 12, 2012

Why Why Why Why Why?

Why is it that the one thing I don't want to think about is the only thing I can think about? 

You know that feeling when you have a million other things to do, but one thing keeps creeping back into your mind. Creep, creep, creeping. 

Well I want it to stop. I've had an amazing day and I want to enjoy it! And keep enjoying it and being productive until I go to bed. 

Recap: Today I had my first interview for the school newspaper, the Skiff. The first person I asked to interview was super rude and shut me down. But that's ok. The next person I asked was the sweetest lady ever and I think she enjoyed the interview!

I realized that I love the reporting aspect of journalism. Getting paid to talk to people and find out information? Sign me up! I don't get paid right now, but in the future I might. 

One of my professors said that you either love the reporting aspect or the writing aspect. I like writing, but I wish I could just report and someone else could write. Because after I report, I just want to do more reporting! I don't want to sit down by myself and write. I want to talk to more people. Or take more pictures!

I guess I'm just a people person. Most of the time anyways. 

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