Sunday, January 15, 2012

Driving slow on Sunday Morning

Sunday. This is one of the last two days before classes start. And tomorrow I am volunteering for over 6 hours, so today is my last relaxing day!

I slept in until 9 today, which is actually late for me, considering I woke up at 8 or earlier every day of break. I don't enjoy sleeping in because I feel like I am missing out/not getting anything done. 

But since I stayed up until well after midnight, I decided to get as close to 8 hours of sleep as possible. That's reasonable, right?

Last night, I went to Sundance Square with my friend. We went to this awesome Mexican restaurant, Cabo Grande. We both got tacos- fish for her and pork for me. They were oh so good! And the salsa at this place was to die for!

Such a good dinner. I was glad to have a girl's night out, after being alone basically all week. And not having much friend time when I was at home. 

Afterwards, we walked around Sundance Square and spent a good hour in Barnes and Noble. It is two stories and they were having a HUGE sale, so of course we had to look around at everything. We both got a book for 50% off!

Then we wanted some dessert. Neither of us eat dessert very much anymore, both as trying to be healthy and dessert not being that appealing at the school cafeteria. But we saw this shop called the Cupcakery and wanted to go! 

When we went in, they were out of almost all of their cupcakes! The worker told us to come back in 15 minutes, so we went out and walked around some more. While we were walking around, we ran into this awesome place called Oliver's Fine Foods. It's a high end, healthy grocery store mixed with a restaurant. 

They had a case full of yummy looking desserts and we couldn't resist. 

I picked out a peanut butter brownie, which looked like a giant Reese's Peanut Butter Cup! So delicious! And my friend had the carrot cake, with a cream  cheese frosting. 

Our desserts were so good that we weren't even sad about missing out on the cute cupcake shop. And we definitely want to go back to Oliver's to eat a whole meal some time!

This morning, I slept in, woke up, read more of my book and ate breakfast with a cup of tea. 

I went for a 30 minute run and now I'm just chilling out until church later. Fun weekend and I can't wait until all of my friends get back so I can continue having fun weekends!

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