Sunday, September 18, 2011

Weekend update!

This weekend was awesome! But in an ironic way...

It finally rained on Friday night! Texas has been waiting for rain for so long and it finally happened. But it happened on pledge retreat night for APO, which is the co-ed service fraternity that I recently got inducted into. And for our pledge retreat, we had a photo scavenger hunt in downtown Fort Worth. APO does this every year and I've heard about how awesome it is. Well, it was awesome... besides the fact that it was pouring rain the whole time and we were outside.

The rain almost made it more intense though! Every team was running around trying to beat everyone else, but it was slippery and a little dangerous. Some of the pictures we took we just hysterical. We had to kiss a barista,  do an Abbey Road picture, dress up as cowboys (which is really easy to do in Texas), pose with a street performer, and much more. I am embarrassed by the pictures because I am soaking wet and look terrible in all of them! But I have to admit they were funny. And my team came in 3rd place!

The worst part was that after, we went to dinner and had to sit in the restaurant for 2 hours. I was extremely cold and it took 2 days for my clothes to dry. Luckily, I did not get sick... it's a miracle!

On Saturday, we had our first home football game. Go frogs! It was cloudy and windy when I got ready for the game, so I wore pants and a cute one shoulder purple top. The second we got to the game, the sun came out and it was burning outside! Needless to say, due to my lack of sunscreen, the sun, and my odd shirt, I have a very bad and strange looking sunburn. Lesson learned.

But we won the game! Wasn't the greatest game, but a win is a win.

After, we went to Joe T. Garcias for dinner. It was delicious! Joe T.'s is a very popular restaurant here in Fort Worth and it is always crazy busy. They also only have 2 menu items- fajitas and enchiladas. This was my first time, but it was awesome! So much food and a great environment. Definitely recommend it!

Anyways, that's the exciting part of my weekend! What did y'all do?

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