Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tour of TCU

Tonight, I went on a tour of TCU with Dr. Pitcock and a bunch of students from the JVR Honors College. Now why would we want a tour when we already know our way around TCU? Well, this was a tour into the past.

We went around to some different buildings on campus, learning what they used to be and what campus used to look like. Needless to say, it was so much different than it is now! TCU is already a small school, but the campus began with just 4 buildings.

Old TCU, when pastures and dirt surrounded everything. 

TCU Administration Building (now Reed), and Jarvis to the right, a girl's dorm. 

Administration Building again and Clark, left, a boy's dorm. 

Now Sadler is the administration building, Jarvis is the music building, Clark is still a dorm, and the TCU administration building is Reed, an academic building. And those are only a few changes, based off of the first TCU. So much else has changed that it is simply mind-blowing to think about TCU decades or even five years ago!

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